010 Human content: take your brand to the next level

010 Human content: take your brand to the next level

In the two previous episodes, I introduced the concept of ‘Content Buckets’ and discussed the four types ('buckets') of content that business owners should be considering producing i.e. utility content, leadership content, human content and brand content. That was Episode #8.

I followed it up with Episode #9, in which I dissected leadership content; I explained what it is, and how it differed from other types of content you might be currently producing.

In this episode, I delve into the concept of human content. I explain what it is, and why it presents solopreneurs and business owners with a terrific opportunity to connect more emotionally with their audience, as well differentiating their brand and making it more relatable to people.

In short, human content is about injecting humanity into what you publish online, with a view to building trust with your audience. This has always been important, especially since the advent of social media, but in an ever-increasing AI-driven world, it's going to be more vital than ever!

I hope you enjoy the episode!


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