011 Unlock the potential of your business through the power of PR | Expansive interview with Trevor Young

011 Unlock the potential of your business through the power of PR | Expansive interview with Trevor Young

This episode is a bit different in that I am interviewed by culture and leadership expert, Tristan White, about the power of content and communication - it's an expansive conversation where I lay it all on the line!

[ Tristan originally interviewed me on his Think Big, Act Small podcast ]

The discussion centres on how entrepreneurs can effectively utilise public relations to good effect in their business, and broadens out from there.

By understanding their audience and integrating content and digital communications into their day-to-day operations, business owners can gain the edge on their competitors by becoming better known in the marketplace, trusted as a brand, and talked about in a positive way (word of mouth buzz).

Staying front of mind with prospective and existing clients and customers is a massive ongoing challenge for businesses in today's noisy, digital-first environment. Having a purposeful PR, content and digital communications program in place can certainly help here!

Key points highlighted in this conversation include:
  • Emphasis on frequent and consistent marketing communication for service-based businesses.
  • Importance of identifying the right audience for targeted communication strategies.
  • The power of podcasting and its ability to create a highly engaged audience.
  • Building an online community and transitioning content to private groups for deeper engagement.
  • Leveraging owned media as the safest bet in digital communications.
  • Utilising my marketing communications pyramid to understand the various layers of owned media, social media, earned media, sponsorships, partnerships, and face-to-face interactions, and how they integrate with one another
  • The impact of delivering value and engaging content through various communication mediums and the significance of being strategic about social media channel selection.
A valuable takeaway is the necessity of being strategic in PR efforts and consistently focusing on what really matters.

I hope you enjoy the episode! I'm hoping it will inspire you to take PR and communications more seriously in your business, and that you tailor your efforts to ensure they align with your commercial goals and what you're trying to achieve as a business owner.

Quotable quotes from Trevor:
  1. 'PR is all about deepening the level of connection with the people who matter the most to the success of your business.'
  2. 'Owned media is the safest bet. And that's your own land. In the digital world, the rented land is social channels.'
  3. 'Being found is one thing... But when people say, oh, you've got to go and see Jimmy and Co., what are they going to do? They're going to check you out.'
  4. 'You can't be just general. It's just too hard today. You get lost in the noise.'
  5. 'The key way to differentiate your brand is you and your people. No one can replicate that; that's your uniqueness.'

Time-stamped 'moments':

[04:26] Trevor shares a personal anecdote from his past, discussing his early experiences in music promotion and event organization, including a concert with Cold Chisel.

[09:18] - Trevor expands on the importance of focusing PR efforts on people critical to business success, such as employees, prospective employees and influencers etc rather than just media exposure.

[18:05] - Trevor emphasises the importance of service-based business owners understanding their specific audience and tailoring their communication strategies to address their audience's challenges and pain points.

[27:32] - Trevor discusses the value of creating engaging content such as videos to connect with and deliver value to the audience, tailored to where they are geographically located or online.

[36:06] - Trevor talks about selecting the right social media channel that aligns with both the audience's presence and the content creator's strengths, advocating specialization before expanding to multiple platforms.

[44:37] - Trevor highlights the intimate and engaged nature of podcasting, citing research that shows podcast listeners tend to be highly attentive, making podcasts a unique opportunity for businesses to build trust.

Check out Tristan's podcast here.


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