012 Unpacking today's PR toolkit: Options galore, but which ones are right for your business?

012 Unpacking today's PR toolkit: Options galore, but which ones are right for your business?

In this episode, I unpack today's PR toolkit - all the options that fall under owned media, earned media, social media, and - to a lesser degree - paid media. Options - communications channels and content modalities (not apps and tools) - that PR pros are leveraging on a daily basis for the benefit of their clients or the organisations they work for.

Here's the good news - as an entrepreneurial business owner, you can do this too, for the benefit for your company!

To win hearts and minds today, we need to not just amplify our brand message but also - and most importantly - deepen the level of connection we have with key audiences.

An effective PR strategy today extends way beyond traditional media coverage, incorporating a consistent content delivery approach across various formats such as blogs, podcasts, and videos. Furthermore, there are options such as premium signature content (books, guides, reports, tutorials, magazines) that can be used to great effect, and are well within the remit of today's savvy business owner.

And let's not forget social media which, if used strategically and a dash of humanity, can form the backbone of engaging and meaningful connections with consumers and influencers alike.

It's a jam-packed episode folks: Explore the essential tools that bring to life your PR program, from a company's blog as the central content hub through to sponsorships and events, partnerships, podcasts, media and influencer relations, email newsletters and subscriber list building.

Quotable quotes from this episode:

1. 'PR is more than getting ink, getting your name in the paper, getting an interview on radio, or getting quoted in a magazine. It's about deepening the level of connection with the people who matter most to the success of your business.'

2. 'I think a lot of people who run their own business, who are entrepreneurial, progressive, thinking, passionate, I think that you're already doing a lot of probably good PR stuff. You just probably aren't doing it with purpose and direction and strategic intent.'

3. 'Think PR before marketing: PR and content and digital communications. That is something that builds the base for your marketing and sales effort.'

4. 'Audio on demand is big and getting bigger... a podcast can be very powerful when done well over time, consistently with purpose, with a specific audience in mind.'

5. 'An email newsletter I think is an essential PR tool today. Email communications is again about building that trust and credibility, being relatable and accessible.'

6. 'But again, you can't do everything, and it's a matter of understanding what you can do and then work out what are your goals, what are your priorities, and what's your strategic roadmap looks like.'

Time-stamped 'moments':

[00:02:14] Trevor discusses the importance of strategic thinking in PR before delving into tactics, and the idea that PR helps pave the way for marketing and sales success.

[00:03:25] The introduction to the PR toolkit and how it serves to deepen connections with the audience that matters most to a business's success is explained.

[00:06:03] Owned media is discussed starting with how blogs should be treated as a content hub, and the significance of a consistently updated presence.

[00:09:59] The value of growing an opt-in subscriber list through newsletters is emphasised, highlighting the difference between email communications for PR and direct sales-oriented email marketing.

[00:14:31] Trevor Young talks about the potential of live streaming and the utility of video apps like Wistia for embedding video content on a business's website.

[00:20:05] Different social media channels and their respective roles in the PR toolkit are outlined, including the production of content and the building of relationships through these channels.

[00:27:10] Discussion around earned media its various forms, including traditional media, hybrid media, podcast interviews, guest blogging, public speaking, and how these play a crucial role in building a personal brand and credibility in the marketplace.


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