013 The power of creating deep content - with Sonja Nisson

013 The power of creating deep content - with Sonja Nisson

In order to carve out a credible thought leadership positioning for your business or personal brand, it's important you're able to unlock, shape and communicate your ideas.

One way of doing this is to produce 'deep content' that sparks conversation and attracts an audience.

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My guest for this episode is Sonja Nisson, an independent brand strategist and content coach from the UK.

Sonya shares her passion for impactful ideas and valuable content marketing. With over 25 years in the industry, she discusses how an idea can connect more effectively than a sales pitch. She highlights her work at the School of Valuable Content where she helps people communicate their thoughts through engaging content.

A quick summary of deep content:

Sonja and I get philosophical about creating content that matters.

Sonja calls it 'deep content'.

Deep content positions you, unequivocally, as the expert in your field, she says.
  • It shows your commitment to your specialist subject.
  • Going above and beyond - not many people will do this, you have the edge.
  • You learn so much by doing it: your expertise deepens. 
  • It leads to other things. Never underestimate the serendipity factor of releasing deep content into the world, Sonja says.
Key points covered:
  • The importance of not just saying good things but also doing good in the real world in order to stand out.
  • How individuals can establish their voice and enhance credibility by extending the reach of their story and message.
  • The significance of creating deep content that resonates with your audience beyond standard marketing pitches.
  • Understanding what 'deep content' means: It’s not just long-form articles or books; it includes any well-thought-out piece that provides significant value – for example, Sonya's map analogy for explaining complex journeys.
  • Why deep content matters: It showcases commitment, expertise, serves as a powerful positioning tool, attracts opportunities and filters out less interested parties.
  • The power of intimacy and vulnerability in your writing
  • The balance between flow (regular updates) versus stock (substantial pieces): Both are necessary for thought leaders who want to make an impact while maintaining relevance.
We also discuss the different examples of deep content, and explain how it can come in many forms.

What listeners can expect to learn:
  1. Strategies on becoming clear about your personal brand's big idea or purpose
  2. Tips on balancing regular content creation with developing substantial cornerstone pieces
  3. Insights into turning complex knowledge into accessible resources such as books or visual aids like informational frameworks and roadmaps
Don't miss this discussion filled with practical advice for those looking to elevate their presence in today’s crowded marketplace!

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