009 How leadership content can help differentiate your brand in the marketplace

009 How leadership content can help differentiate your brand in the marketplace

In the last episode (#8) I outlined my ‘Content Buckets’ model and explained how it has assisted me in helping entrepreneurs and business leaders to clarify their thinking around the content they (want to) produce.

The goal of the model is to help us become more intentional with the content we create and distribute. Recapping the four content groups:
  1. Utility’ (useful, helpful, audience-first);
  2. Leadership’ (flag-in-the-ground, lead the conversation);
  3. Human’ (behind the public face of your business/show the personal side); and
  4. Branded’ (company news, promotional etc).
I emphasised the importance of balancing these four types of contents, as it will help you keeps things interesting for audiences (and yourself!) while maintaining focus on promoting your insights, ideas, expertise, and business generally.

In this episode of the podcast, we dig deeper into LEADERSHIP CONTENT. I explain what it is, and how it differs from other types of content you might be currently producing.

Plus, I provide myriad examples of leadership content produced by individuals and companies alike (see below for links).

First-class leadership content has the power to not only differentiate your brand and your business in the marketplace, but also significantly build visibility, reputation and trust.

Importantly, leadership content is designed to spark conversation and potentially ignite debate. It doesn’t necessarily address a customer need or pain point. Indeed, it might even challenge people, metaphorically ‘poke them in the eye’ by changing the way they think about a particular topic or issue.

Brands and individuals mentioned in this episode:
In the next episode, we'll delve into the category of 'human' content, and how it can make your brand more relatable in the eyes of your target audience.

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