018 SUCCESS STORY: How to build a national media profile as the go-to expert in your space (learn from someone who's doing it!)

018 SUCCESS STORY: How to build a national media profile as the go-to expert in your space (learn from someone who's doing it!)

What does it take for a genuine subject matter expert to generate literally hundreds of items of media exposure? Well, that’s what Jake Moore has been able to do.

And not just any media coverage: we’re talking tier 1 editorial exposure! That is, coverage in the top UK media outlets such as BBC Radio, ITV News, CNBC, Sky News, Forbes, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Independent, Wired, Forbes and Al Jazeera. And that’s just a small portion of what he’s been able to achieve!

But first, a bit of context. In the previous episode (#17), media relations specialist Liam Fitzpatrick, the founder of Commswork, joined me to discuss how business owners and professional experts can earn legitimate editorial coverage in independent third-party media outlets.

So I thought I'd follow up the Liam interview with a chat I had with Jake, previously recorded for my other podcast - REPUTATION REVOLUTION: The Professional Personal Branding Show. It was one of that podcast's most popular episodes, and we really got into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to build national media profile by someone who's done it - and continues to reinforce his positioning as the go-to expert in his space.

Jake is Global Cybersecurity Advisor for ESET, Europe's number one cybersecurity company. As well as conducting research and analysis into the latest cybersecurity and AI threats and trends, he also regularly comments on a range of cybersecurity stories in the press for outlets major print, broadcast and online media outlets in the UK and internationally. He is often asked to give his opinion, advice and analysis on articles featuring a cybersecurity or technology angle.

Topics covered in this interview:
  • Jake's journey from local police force cybercrime educator to international cybersecurity expert with extensive media exposure.
  • The role relationships play when dealing with the media (hence, in the PR world this practice is called ‘media relations’)
  • The importance of Twitter when it comes to real-time connection with journalists
  • Jake’s daily practice of ensuring he’s prepared with story angles and ideas
  • The importance of timeliness in responding to media calls
  • Outbound pitching of story ideas versus managing inbound media requests
  • How to prepare for a media interview, including on-air Zoom calls
  • Balancing personal brand vs employer brand when talking with the media
  • Do you need a personal brand website if you're working for a company?
  • How YouTube helped prepare Jake for TV interviews with major media outlets
  • Tips on staying focused during interviews, maintaining subject matter expertise without overtly selling products or services.
Key takeaways:
  1. Building a strong reputation can significantly enhance your credibility and visibility in the media
  2. Responsiveness and trust are key when interacting with journalists; being available for quick comments can lead to more opportunities for coverage
  3. Educating through the media rather than selling creates value for both the audience and your brand.
Rounding up:

While a PR agency has played a crucial role in helping Jake generate exposure in the media, the key message here is preparation: doing what’s required to build relationships with journalists, editors and radio/TV producers.

Jake’s tips and lessons are highly relevant, even if you’re just starting out on your media relations journey with no outside help.

If you're interested in extending your reach by leveraging third-party media, you won't want to miss this interview with Jake Moore!

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