008 Use this framework to keep your content efforts fresh and interesting

008 Use this framework to keep your content efforts fresh and interesting

In this episode, I introduce my 'Content Buckets' model.

This model, or framework, has been refined over many years and has proven to be an invaluable tool for categorising different types of business content.

Key points covered:

1. Utility Content: Provides useful how-to information that addresses the needs and pain-points of your audience, relative to your field of expertise.
2. Leadership Content: Inspires people to think bigger while challenging their thinking around relevant topics and issues.
3. Human Content: Makes your brand relatable by taking people behind-the-scenes of your business, as well as telling other people's stories.
4. Brand Content: Promotes your company, its products and its services; includes calls-to-action for people to attend an event, or download a guide, ebook or report.

I emphasise the importance of balancing these four types of contents, as it will help you keeps things interesting for audiences (and yourself!) while maintaining focus on promoting your insights, ideas, expertise, and business generally.

I also explain that promotional branded content should ideally make up between 10-20% of total output, with a mix of useful information, thought-provoking ideas, personal stories making up the rest.

Future episodes promise deeper dives into 'leadership' and 'human' content categories, which are key differentiators for businesses, particularly those that provide professional services.

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