017 An insiders guide to building credibility with - and through - the media

017 An insiders guide to building credibility with - and through - the media

Summary: In this episode, I'm joined by media relations specialist Liam Fitzpatrick, the founder of Commswork, to discuss how businesses can earn legitimate editorial coverage in independent third-party media outlets.

Key Points Discussed:
  • Liam's Journey: From a journalist to a B2B communication specialist - insights on persuasive writing and crafting compelling stories that resonate across industries.
  • The role of earned media: Understanding how 'earned media' fits into the overall PR 'pie' (remember: PR is not just about media coverage).
  • Building relationships: How establishing connections with influencers and journalists can lead to positive brand mentions in the myriad media outlets that exist today.
  • Strategy behind media relations vs. publicity: Differentiating between nurturing ongoing relationships with journalists (media relations) versus one-off efforts aimed at selling or promoting something specific (publicity).
  • Owned vs. earned media: The significance of creating your own content platforms like blogs, podcasts, newsletters as an adjunct to earning media coverage on third-party channels.
  • Tactics for gaining editorial exposure: Tips on becoming an authority in your field, including the importance of being active online, sharing expertise at events/conferences, and utilising owned media strategically to build credibility and to demonstrate your professional bona fides.
  • The role of inbound vs outbound strategies: Balancing attracting inquiries from interested parties while also proactively reaching out to share one’s message with relevant audiences.
  • Creating newsworthy content: Identifying opportunities within industry trends or current events that align with business messaging goals; using these hooks to garner interest from journalists.
  1. Being proactive on social media can lead to valuable networking opportunities.

  2. Events provide powerful platforms for connecting personally with key individuals who influence your target audience.

  3. Establishing credibility through consistent thought leadership content helps attract inbound attention from the press.

  4. Tailoring messages that bridge gaps between what brands want to communicate versus what journalists seek is crucial for successful PR outreach efforts.

  5. Leveraging niche publications and modern hybrid-media outlets offers targeted exposure avenues often overlooked by traditional approaches.

  6. Emphasising visibility through various channels ensures broader reach and solidifies reputation over time, whether it’s speaking engagements or opinion pieces published online.
Actionable Tips:
  1. Audit your existing communication channels regularly ensuring they represent your brand effectively - first impressions count!

  2. Identify upcoming industry-relevant events where you might contribute expert opinions aligned with news agendas thus increasing chances of coverage.

  3. Develop rich evergreen content focused around unique perspectives within white spaces not heavily covered by competitors yet still valuable to readers/listeners/viewers.
If you want to extend the reach of your voice, generating exposure in independent media outlets is a great way to do it. Learn the best way to approach it in this week's episode!

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