020 From Self-doubt to influence: How to overcome blocks and fears in your PR efforts

020 From Self-doubt to influence: How to overcome blocks and fears in your PR efforts

When it comes to implementing PR, content and digital communications in your business, you can have the best strategy under the sun, but if you don’t get off your backside and take action, then nothing is going to happen.

And that’s where people come unstuck. Often it’s not for the want of trying. For most people, it’s not slackness - hey, you’re running a business after all, you’re a motivated individual! But maybe there are roadblocks that are holding you back?

In short, if you want to nail PR in your business, you’re going to need some skin in the game - you’re going to have to put yourself out there online via your content or the comments you make on social media, face-to-face at events or in boardroom presentations … or maybe from the stage at industry conferences and the like. Whatever the channel, public relations is a 360 degree contact sport that requires you - the business owner - to be front and centre.

But you’re not doing it. For whatever reason, you’re holding yourself back … you might even be out there online doing stuff, but you’re pulling your punches? 

Why? Well that’s what we cover in this episode. Not only that, we also discuss some solutions as well.

To help us get navigate these roadblocks so we can develop a true PR mindset and unlock the potential of our business through public relations, content and digital communications, I'm joined by Mell 'B' Balment.

Mell B is a coach and mindset mentor who helps people to gain clarity, confidence, and commitment to follow through as they grow their influence and create more impact in the marketplace.

This is a wide-ranging chat. Key points discussed include:
  1. The importance of PR in today's digital-first world for businesses to gain trust, respect, and mindshare.
  2. How a proactive approach to PR can transform your business and professional image.
  3. Common obstacles like fear of rejection or judgment that prevent individuals from taking bold actions in PR.
  4. Strategies for creating impactful content without "pulling punches" or diluting your message to avoid controversy.
  5. The role confidence plays in engaging with audiences publicly whether it’s online or face-to-face events.
  6. Understanding the concept of being an empath as it relates to protecting oneself emotionally when facing potential criticism or negative feedback.

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